About Carol Benton

Carol Benton

Carol spent 30 years in corporate sales and marketing - the majority of those in technology powerhouse and world leading brand IBM,  and the final three years in a regional leadership role as General Manager for ANZ for the world’s leading point of sale provider, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. 

In 2015, Carol decided to step out of the corporate world and set up her own consulting business, realising that the extensive experience she gained during her international career was in demand and of value to other businesses. 

She has always had a love of effective communication, of ‘translation’ and helping one person or organisation to understand another, but saw that many people find this a difficult thing to achieve.

So Words2Win was formed, to deliver Carol’s skills and expertise to help her clients win more through harnessing the right words to communicate their message. You can read more about the ‘Why’ behind Words2Win in Carol’s blog “Finding my Why’. 

Carol’s experience includes having read, written and received a very large number of sales documents of all sizes, formats and values, including managing corporate RFP response with input  from many contrinbutors across multiple countries. In her sales career, Carol wrote and managed proposals that won IBM and Toshiba millions of dollars in business with clients in the UK and Australia.

As well as hand on sales experience, corporate life gave Carol unparalleled access to the best sales and marketing training available, including education at:

  • The London Business School
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)

Carol has a skill for ‘translation’ – taking an idea and representing it in the most appropriate form for the audience. She can quickly get to the heart of what a solution offers and then she helps her clients translate from ‘what we do’ to ‘what benefits the client’. She has a passion for effective communication and a drive to find the words to communicate to people in terms that mean the most to them. She used this talent in her corporate career, representing IBM in print and television media.

Carol is a languages graduate with impeccable attention to detail for structure, vocabulary and grammar. She speaks fluent French and has a working knowledge of several other languages. 

She is a highly capable public speaker and qualified as a Competent Toastmaster with Toastmasters International.